About Us

Hello, from our family to yours !

1stWords.org has been our family's passion project for many years. We are so excited to finally share our creations with other families. This idea of creating books really took hold in 2011 after the birth of our first child. We quickly realized there were no modern books we could surround our child that reflected the language we spoke at home. So we started to make them! The first thing we made were flashcards to hang in our baby's crib mobile. We were fortunate to be surrounded by like minded families that felt the same way and we started to share handmade books and crafts as our child grew. Now that he is eight and our second child just turned three we could not contain ourselves any longer. We just had to share these really cool items with you and your family. 

Our mission is simple, we create educational books for families in multilingual homes.  


As we develop these beautiful products we realize we need help in building a community of parents who can share ideas and stories of how we over come challenges when passing language to children. We are not social media mavens but creators so if you would like to help us on this journey please email us at info@1stWords.org.


~ Preety, Pratik & the entire Shah family